Graston is instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM). Graston makes use of stainless steel tools that have been engineered with beveled treatment edges. Graston is used to address scar tissue and fascial restrictions in patients. Dr. Holmes uses Graston to improve a patient’s range of motion, tissue flexibility and muscle activation. This is often used in conjunction with ART to address the patient’s soft tissue aspect of their diagnosis.


Arthritis Headache Surgical Scars
Achilles tendonitis Hip painSports injuries
Ankle injuries Joint DysfunctionSwimmer’s shoulder
Back pain/injuriesKnee and leg pain Trigger Finger
BursitisNeck painTMJ pain
Carpal tunnel syndromePerformance enhancement Weight lifting injuries
FibromyalgiaPlantar Fasciitis Whiplash
Foot pain/injuriesRepetitive motion injuries
Frozen shoulderRotator Cuff syndrome
Golfer’s/tennis elbow Running Injuries
Hand injuries Shin Splints

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